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Home Purchase Loans

Home Purchase Loans

Becoming a homeowner is the American Dream. We take great pride in helping you to achieve this dream by matching you with a Mortgage program that makes the dream a reality.

Home Refinance Loans

Home Refinance Loans

Refinancing has produced the most monthly savings for our borrowers. Some borrowers have saved as much as $1,000 per month by consolidating high-rate credit cards and automobiles and more.

Self Employed Financing

Self Employed Financing

If you have been self-employed for at least 2 years and if you have a 5% to 10% down payment, we have the solution and can close your loan in as little as 12 days. Take a quick look at the Self-Employed financing programs available now.

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A Plus Mortgage Co, Inc. makes lending seamless by offering flexible financing solutions that can be closed quickly. All of our Loan Originators are knowledgeable and observe our superior customer service standards that’s explains our high customer return rate. We are fully aware of the fact that customer’s don’t return to a company that did not meet and beat their expectations. Whether you want a first time home buyer loan, or a refinance mortgage loan to fund that home improvement project, we have a loan program that will fit your home mortgage financing needs.

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We offer a wide range of home mortgage loans, each designed to meet the individual needs of each borrower. No matter if you need a loan to purchase a house or refinance your existing loan, we can help. Our loan officers are ready and available to assist you in any aspect of your home financing. Every borrower has different home financing needs. A one-size-fits-all approach will not work. In fact, most loans do not close. There are many mortgage lenders that we can use to help us find the right match quicker. This can be done quickly after our initial interview, which also includes the completion of a loan application.

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We are trying to make home loans as simple as possible.

For FHA and VA mortgage loans for home purchases and refinances

Thank you for visiting A Plus Mortgage Co, Inc. (NMLS # 1664689), your one-stop shop for home mortgage finance. We can obtain you a Home Purchase Loan or a Home Refinance Loan using conventional financing, jumbo financing, or government loans like FHA loans and VA loans. No matter what financing program you require, we have you covered!
We take pride in our best asset, which is providing A+ customer service from the start of the process to the end. We go above and beyond to assist those seeking a home loan, ensuring that all borrowers (s) receive all information, documentation, and other items necessary to make an informed decision about such a valuable asset as one’s home. We are not like many other mortgage companies out there that promise the world but fall well short of it in a variety of ways.

To discover current mortgage rates for home buying or refinancing loans, please contact us right away so we can take a quick application and provide you with an accurate price that, if followed, can bring you to the closing table sooner than you expect. Our loan processors know precisely what they’re doing and do their work flawlessly on every transaction, including jumbo loans and government loans like FHA and VA.

A Plus Mortgage Co‘s number one focus is not on our internal goals. It’s all about our customer’s or borrowers’ goals, as well as the borrower’s motivations for seeking mortgage financing. This number one goal/focus will help us serve customers better and increase our company’s growth. We mean “A+ Customer Services” in a broad sense. For example, we go to customers’ homes or apartments to collect documents or bring any documents that need to be signed directly to them. We also make it easy for the borrower to close at a title agency close to their place of business or home. We have many other examples. However, we invite you to give us a chance. You will be able to see our dedication to providing the best service for your home loan needs. To complete a brief application, click “ Get A Quote.

Alternative 1-Year Income Program Options 

We understand that not all clients are the same. While some clients may have good credit, others might not be able to afford it.
It is difficult to obtain home financing because of past credit problems or because people have difficulty paying their bills.
Documenting their income. We accept alternative income documentation, such as 12 months of tax returns.
Personal bank statements, 24-month business bank statements, and 1-year W-2 returns or tax returns.

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